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San Francisco Termite Control

Termites are social pests that live in nests within the ground of your San Francisco property. The nest has three different classifications of termites: workers, soldiers, and reproductive. Termites actually help the environment by consuming lifeless timber. During late winter or very early springtime, winged termites (swarmers), which are drawn in to light, leave the ground nest to find a mate to begin a brand-new colony. The master and queen in a colony can live anywhere from ten to thirty years, while worker termites live for an average of two years.

Does My San Francisco Home Have Termites

Termites might seem to be ants at your initial observation as they can often look similar to an untrained eye. If you're having difficulty identifying a particular pest, please don't hesitate to take an image and send it to us by means of e-mail for identification. Another sign of termites is the presence of damage or bubbling to wood, generally at the floor level and various other subterranean areas of your San Francisco home. If the damage is located at a higher portion of the structure, it could be possible that what you are viewing is not a termite-related concern.

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Because termites have such a powerful nature, there are lots of treatment options and termiticides readily available for your San Francisco home. Nonetheless, the proper treatment and termiticide depends on the construction of your home and extent of the invasion. Even with the proper procedure, it is important that the correct and authorized technique is used to gain control. If the technician does not dig a suitably sized trench and pierce the properly spaced gaps through the concrete, you will not get effective protection.

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If you think that you could possibly have termites or are at risk for termites, contact us immediately and we will arrange for one of our qualified specialists to check your property.

Tips To Keep Your San Francisco Home Termite Free

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