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San Francisco Spider Control

I'm sure you can find spiders in every San Francisco home in the area. The range of types and the sheer number of creepy crawlers found at a residential property makes them incredibly hard to completely remove. Often spiders hide in hard to treat areas which makes prevents pesticide residuals from reaching them.

Most of the spiders you would find in your home or around your landscaping are relatively harmless. However two spiders, commonly found in the San Francisco area could be severely harmful to people and pets: the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. If you feel that you have been bitten by either of these species, seek medical attention immediately.

How We Help Control Spiders

A licensed Pest Service Network inspector can evaluate your home and outside space to discover the areas that are conducive to spider invasions. Spider troubles typically start from outdoors, then spread into the house as the populaces expand. Often, basic ecological changes around the perimeter of the residence are a terrific start to spider control.

After the initial assessment with the home owner, we will execute an initial treatment of the residence that reaches spider concealing places and conducive locations. After the first treatment, an ongoing program designed to keep the spider populace outdoors at a low volume to stop entrance into the home.

Tips To Reduce Spiders At Your San Francisco Home

Make your house less attractive to spiders by keeping the areas near your San Francisco home clear of plants or bushes. Ground-covering plants can draw in the spiders as these creeping pests prefer to conceal in dark areas in the day. Not just plants but certain objects like rocks, grills and furniture can entice spiders closer to your home.

Sunlight exposure to your property will limit spider in your yard, resulting in fewer crawlers you will discover in the house. Outdoor lighting, specifically at night will attract bugs and insects, which ultimately brings in spiders. Adjustments or elimination of the lightning may be in order to combat a large spider problem.

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