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San Francisco Bee Removal

You may not know this, but eradicating honeybees found in your San Francisco home can actually be bad for you, the bees, and mother earth? Without the cross-pollinating service that honeybees give, our world would be a hungrier place to live.

Honeybee colonies across North America and all over the world, for that matter, have decreased over the past two decades. This has major effects for the health and well being of all life on Earth. It is estimated that a third of our plant and pet food crops are dependent on honeybee pollination in order to be effective.

When a honeybee colony is wiped out via insecticidal therapy, not only is the cross-pollinating advantages of the specific beehive lost, yet many times all bee nests within two miles of the treated hive are also impacted by the insecticide.

We Safely Remove Bees From Your San Francisco Property

We have safely removed and relocated bees for San Francisco residences and companies for many years. We specialize in all sorts of bee hive removal, including bees, wasp extraction, hornet removal, and yellow jacket extractions. We provide detailed solutions for extraction, hive elimination, ground hive extraction, opening up and fixing structures, and bee proofing and prevention.

The Pest Service Network guarantees your protection and peace of mind during all bee removals. You can count on our specialists to safely remove bees from your San Francisco home.

Does My San Francisco Home Have Honey Bees

How Can San Francisco Pest Service Network Help

The initial step is to locate the nesting location. Usually, substantial examination with specialized tools is needed to find the specific location of the beehive at your residence.

As soon as its located, we develop an excavation strategy to access the beehive in such a way that will certainly permit restoration of your property once the beehive has actually been taken out. We insure everyone is protected and the surrounding location is clear of all people and pets. We begin opening the area where the bees are nesting. We meticulously catch any bee we encounter in a specialized honeybee vacuum. This vacuum very carefully pulls the into a beehive box where they wait for moving to their new home

As soon as the beeswax combs have been reached, they are carefully cutout, and then sucked off the comb. The combs are washed out of the cavity and the bees are sucked into the honeybee vacuum, we reconstruct and close the wall surface against recolonizing by other honeybees

The moment the honeybees are thoroughly pulled into our honeybee vacuum, we prepare them to be moved to their new home.

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